The Superbowl: Some Suggestions


Photo and banner by LePetiteFest

  • 1. Have some funny ladies host it. Or Russell Brand. Any sort of comedian would help.
  • 2. Start it earlier in the day. 6:30 on a Sunday for a super long game that I don’t understand? 4 pm is more my style.
  • 3. Have a mystery player on the field at all times. I’d be into watching a game where Justin Timberlake had the potential to be out running around.
  • 4. Find a way to banish calories on Superbowl Sunday. Bonus points if calories on all Sundays could dissolve.
  • 5. More commercials!

In other news, props to the Superbowlians for strategically placing an episode of New Girl featuring Prince at the end of the game. You got me this time.


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