DIY Wooden Stamps

One day at Michael’s, I got mad. Like the kind of mad where you talk out loud to yourself in front of strangers and say regrettably ridiculous things. And it was all about stamps. I made the mistake of envisioning the perfect stamp inside of my head and daydreamed about how beautiful it would be dipped in my gold ink and stamped onto stationary. But Michael’s didn’t have that stamp and the next best option was close to $15. No! So I decided to make my own and haven’t gone back to that aisle since.

Materials to make 5-6 small to medium wooden stamps:

1 sheet of foam, any color ($1)

1 bag of whittling wood, any size ($6)

1 bottle of tacky glue or whatever you have on hand ($2)

1 X-Acto Knife or sharp scissors

The Process:

1. Decide what sort of stamp you’d like to make. I chose to make a North Carolina stamp, using this outline . I recommend going with a simpler shape since you’ll be cutting it out.

2. Cut a piece of foam the size of your block and glue it down evenly. It’s okay if it’s a little rough around the edges. This step allows the wood from being stained each time you dip it in ink, since foam is easier to wipe off than the wooden block.

3. While you’re waiting on the glue to dry a bit, go ahead and cut your shape out of foam and make sure it fits. Thankfully foam is fairly cheap because I cut out about 5 North Carolinas until I settled on one.

4. Glue your shape to the foam covered area of the wooden block and center it. Make sure the glue is evenly spread. It’s totally fine if it looks a little wonky or if the glue spills out around the edges of the shape because nobody but you will see it. Insider tip: when you’ve given the glue a few minutes to dry, act like you’re going to stamp something (without ink) and press your stamp down to ensure that the foam is level and there are no hidden globs of glue.

5. After the stamp dries, dip it in your favorite ink and mash it onto a piece of cardstock that you can then glue to the top of your stamp to identify it later. Another option is to simply write what your stamp is on top (on the wood).

6. Celebrate! Make stuff! Enjoy your new stamp.




I made these gift tags for Christmas gifts. The “Merry Christmas” stamp is from the dollar section at Michael’s.


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