DIY: Glitter Gloves


Back in January, I went to DC with some friends on a very chilly weekend. While packing, I couldn’t find a single pair of my favorite gloves. Not one. The only thing I could find in my house were a pair of black gloves from Target, the kind that come in packs of 2 for $3. To jazz them up, I used some craft paint and loved the results! One of the cheapest DIYs out there.


1 pair of gloves ($3 at Target)

1 bottle of craft paint, any color ($2 at Michael’s)

1 paintbrush

The Process:


1. Pick a design for your gloves. I went with a simple bow outline. Remember, you’ll be painting this on and the material doesn’t exactly allow for perfectly crisp lines.


2. Once you have the design, trace an outline onto each glove. I used a piece of chalk so that what didn’t get painted over would come off easily.  I feel silly even saying this but make sure you trace on the correct side of your gloves so that you’ll have a right and a left glove. Some of us (HINT: ME) may have gotten confused at this step.

2. Insert a scrap piece of paper into each glove to prevent the paint from bleeding through.

3. Start painting! I used Tulip Soft Glitter fabric paint in Gold. It took 3 coats to make my bows nice and glittery. The quality is awesome. I haven’t noticed the paint flecking off or splitting at all.

4. Allow several hours for your gloves to dry. I waited overnight before trying mine on.

5. Go outside and enjoy having warm hands!


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