DIY Notebook

Remember those stamps we made a few weeks back? Here’s how to use those to make an Anthro-esque notebook.



Materials Needed:

1 stamp & ink

1 blank notebook, cost depends on size of notebook

1 gift tag or craft paper

The Process:

1. Decide what kind of design you want for your notebook based on what stamps you have available. I went with a tribal print using a stamp I made out of simple triangles.

2. Carefully stamp the entire front of your notebook. No worries if you make some mistakes since you can flip over your notebook and start fresh on the other side. You’ll be the only one to know.

3. When you’re finished stamping the notebook, take the gift tag and cover the back of it with glue before placing it on your notebook. I used glitter paper to cut out a gift tag but you could use regular craft paper or even cardstock.

4. Let the glue dry and then enjoy your new notebook!


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