Wants vs. Needs from Old Navy

I have this problem where I think I desperately need everything I want. Glitter booties? I totally need those. Penguin costume for my dog? I can’t live without it. Springtime just brings a whole new element to the game- I love all the new stuff stores are rolling out! Since I’m on a major budget/shouldn’t be shopping at all, I’m thankful Old Navy has tons of options at a price I can manage.

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 3.29.38 PM

Flats | Bag | Booties | Dress


2 thoughts on “Wants vs. Needs from Old Navy

  1. Yesssss, welcome to WordPress! Isn’t it 1,000x better than Blogger? Also, you are cute. And you should totally get that penguin costume for Oliver (although, isn’t he already wearing a penguin costume 24/7?).

    • Thanks! Oh my gosh, it’s so much more crisp than Blogger! So glad I made the transition. You’re right, Oliver already has a penguin costume and an Easter bunny outfit. He has a more appropriate wardrobe than me.

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