Oliver Wallace Hayes: Boston Terrier Extraordinaire


I realized today that Oliver hasn’t made an appearance on the blog yet. So here he is, in all his Boston Terrier glory! 

I adopted Oliver from Lake Norman Rescue Mission last June. He’s the first pet I’ve owned on my own and it’s definitely been a learning experience. Growing up on a farm, my family always had a dog who could play outside without a leash all day long if it wanted. Having a dog in the city is totally different! Oliver never leaves the house without a collar and a leash. Thankfully I currently have a fenced-in backyard where he can play but I never leave him out there unattended. Oliver’s also the first dog I’ve ever taken on a walk. In the past, my dog would follow me around on the farm unleashed but Oliver loves to lead the way when we leave the house.

I know all dogs have personalities but Oliver has the strongest personality of any dog I’ve previously owned. He’s got more energy than the average toddler and even with multiple walks and playtimes outside, he still paces the house nonstop. In the morning, I have to be perfectly still until I’m committed to getting out of bed. Once Oliver sees my eyes open, he goes berserk. It’s the best alarm clock! On the other hand, he takes his sleep very seriously and is quite a dreamer. His little legs run often like he’s chasing something and occasionally he’ll let out a muffled bark. It’s adorable. 

Another fun fact is that Oliver loves to wear sweaters. I’m not kidding. When he sees me pull out a sweater, he goes nuts. Even if it’s a sweater for me to wear! This winter has been particularly crucial, so he’s gotten a lot of use out of his small wardrobe. 

I couldn’t be more thankful to have him around! He makes things much more exciting.


One thought on “Oliver Wallace Hayes: Boston Terrier Extraordinaire

  1. Love! He is such a cutie. He also sounds like the perfect little dog for you! I’m so glad that you two have each other. Hope to meet him in person one of these days!

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