10 Reasons to Love Jason Segel



I’m full of irrational fears but lately my biggest one has been never finding a man as attractive as Jason Segel. Call it crazy but it’s the truth! The guy’s near perfection and here’s why:

1. Jason Segel can sing. Proof is here, here and here



2. He’s hilarious. Have you seen “How I Met Your Mother” or “Freaks and Geeks” or anything else he’s ever been in? 



3. Jason Segel’s got good taste in women. Hello, Michelle Williams!

4. He’s got a work ethic that can’t be bothered. See page 4 in this interview with GQ from 2010.

5. He’s tall, like the 6’4″ kind of tall. Forgive me for being shallow but who doesn’t appreciate a little bit of height? 



6. The dude is a writer, a successful one at that. He sold his first piece at just 21 years old! Incredible. 

7. Jason Segel is unapologetically dedicated to things like Dracula musicals and the Muppets. I sort of love that about him! 

8. He’s devilishly charming. 



9. He takes dogs on walks and wears plaid!

10. He’s a good coworker. Just ask Alyson Hannigan, who cried at the thought of being without her tv husband


Tomorrow is the season finale of “How I Met Your Mother” and I’m anxious to see how it all ends. But mostly I’m sad about not seeing this guy every Monday night. 

Am I the only one with the fear of never ending up with a hot celeb? Well, other than ever tweenager out there. 


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