A Few Things I’ve Come to Accept


| Image via MessyNessyChic|

+ I will never feel feminine or pretty while wearing a hat.

+ My dog doesn’t totally love humans and I can’t make him.

+ The real reason I’m thankful for my iPhone is so I can set reminders to return my library books.

+ My cheeks become flaming red when I’m embarrassed or angry or sad or happy or hot or cold. No amount of makeup can hide it.

+ I will always be from a farm, no matter how much I try to hide it by living in cities.

+ Receipts will forever be found in the bottom of my purse.

+ Sometimes I prefer the film adaptations over their written counterpart, the book.

+ I will never be satisfied with the amount or selection of clothing in my closet.



One thought on “A Few Things I’ve Come to Accept

  1. Good realizations, all! Love that LIFE Mag photo, too. Some dogs just aren’t people-oriented, and that’s OK! Pyrrha definitely isn’t (unless the person happens to be me); she’s fairly indifferent to everyone else.

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