Augustutions…in September


Let’s pretend it hasn’t been more than a year since I’ve visited this part of the country and breeze right on into the fact that it’s the first of September! In short, I’ve been blogging a whole lot here, trying to survive this (mostly) heinous and (sometimes) glorious phase of life called 20-something-hood, trying out new flavors of La Croix, and playing with this punk.

Even though I’ve missed a year or two, it’s time for Augustutions:

  1. Buy so much less shit it’s not even funny. I’m a things addict. I just like stuff. The other day I walked in Target to buy curtains and ended up walking out with four paint pens and that was only after spending 45 minutes talking myself out of spending a small fortune on glitter washi tape.
  2. Eat every bit of food in my weekly produce box. Even the weird fruits I’ve never heard of and all the tomatoes I hate. Not all in one sitting, obvi.
  3. Spend more Saturday mornings in. No plans, no errands. This happened by accident last weekend and it was all kinds of magical.
  4. Get in a fitness routine. That joke about needing to get in shape before going to the gym has always seemed more true than funny to me. It’s intimidating! But if Phoebe can run like a fool, so can I.

Until next time…


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