I rock a lot of polka dots


Wisteria Dreams

+ The other day I tried to take Ethel on a walk. About 10 steps in, she laid down and wouldn’t move. Perhaps it was the noise of the cars scaring her or the fact that she’s unhappy any time the attention isn’t on her. Sadly all the beautiful spring blooms are stealing her adorable puppy thunder.

+ What do you do to stay creative? I work in a creative environment and am finding more and more that I crave the stability of putting together a spreadsheet rather than coming up with new content for social media and the blog I run at work. It’s not that I don’t love it. I do. Is burnout a natural phase in the creative world? How do you break out of it? Tell me!

+ DC is my favorite city in the world. I’m not sure if it’s just that some of my favorite people live there, the fact that they now have a place to get cereal milk milkshakes, or all the history vibes it gives off. Whatever the reason is, I love it.

+ When I was younger, I hated when my aunts, uncles, and sometimes even my dad would forget my age or what grade I was in. I have since become guilty of this offense. The other day when asked how old my niece was, I “guessed” that she was seven but couldn’t tell you what grade she was in. First? Second? What’s happened to my adult brain?

+ You know that song “Breathe” by Anna Nalick? It came out my junior year of high school and I heard it on the radio today. Made me wonder if I’ll actually go to my high school reunion later this year.


Augustutions…in September


Let’s pretend it hasn’t been more than a year since I’ve visited this part of the country and breeze right on into the fact that it’s the first of September! In short, I’ve been blogging a whole lot here, trying to survive this (mostly) heinous and (sometimes) glorious phase of life called 20-something-hood, trying out new flavors of La Croix, and playing with this punk.

Even though I’ve missed a year or two, it’s time for Augustutions:

  1. Buy so much less shit it’s not even funny. I’m a things addict. I just like stuff. The other day I walked in Target to buy curtains and ended up walking out with four paint pens and that was only after spending 45 minutes talking myself out of spending a small fortune on glitter washi tape.
  2. Eat every bit of food in my weekly produce box. Even the weird fruits I’ve never heard of and all the tomatoes I hate. Not all in one sitting, obvi.
  3. Spend more Saturday mornings in. No plans, no errands. This happened by accident last weekend and it was all kinds of magical.
  4. Get in a fitness routine. That joke about needing to get in shape before going to the gym has always seemed more true than funny to me. It’s intimidating! But if Phoebe can run like a fool, so can I.

Until next time…

Mistaken for Strangers


Last night, some friends and I watched “Mistaken for Strangers.” It was made by the younger brother of the National’s lead singer, Matt Berninger, who filmed it all while on tour with the band. While much of the film does look at the band as it tours, it was also a way for Tom Berninger to figure out what direction he wanted his life to go as a filmmaker. I laughed when he asked the band members questions they clearly weren’t prepared for (“do you take your wallet onstage when you perform?” or “what do you really think of my brother?”) and came close to tears when he confessed his insecurities to the camera. Whether you love the National or not, it’s worth checking out. 

You can buy the movie here for online streaming.

Hanker Time: TheLuLuBird Pottery

“I have a personal theory that everything you need to know about life you can learn from working with clay.” – Liz Aldag, The LuLu Bird Pottery

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this pottery and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. I grew up near a huge pottery mecca in Seagrove, North Carolina and many Saturday mornings were spent helping my mom pick out gifts from the local stores. Pottery always seemed outdated until recently when I spotted The LuLu Bird Pottery.


Ceramic Cloud Serving Bowl, $34

The artist, Liz Aldag, is based out of Durham. I love everything about her collection collection- the colors, the shapes, the sizes, and the variety of pieces. I also love how functional each piece is. The cloud bowl would be perfect for serving up popcorn and the mugs below make me crave a cup of hot chocolate. 


Pair of Turquoise Waves Ceramic Coffee Mugs, $45




Black Mountain Planter, $40 

And these planters- they are my pottery soulmate. I want to fill up every windowsill in my house with these beauties. I’d definitely wash the dishes sooner if I could look at these while I scrubbed. 

You can shop the entire collection here

Mr. Goodbooth




Mr. Goodboth set up camp outside of the Rock and Shop Market this weekend to snap photos and I’m so glad they did. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to give you these rare photos of me in a sombrero.

I also loved the market enough to go twice- in the morning and the afternoon, hence the different outfits. I was trying to look edgy in that first picture, which came across slightly different than imagined.

A Few Things I’ve Come to Accept


| Image via MessyNessyChic|

+ I will never feel feminine or pretty while wearing a hat.

+ My dog doesn’t totally love humans and I can’t make him.

+ The real reason I’m thankful for my iPhone is so I can set reminders to return my library books.

+ My cheeks become flaming red when I’m embarrassed or angry or sad or happy or hot or cold. No amount of makeup can hide it.

+ I will always be from a farm, no matter how much I try to hide it by living in cities.

+ Receipts will forever be found in the bottom of my purse.

+ Sometimes I prefer the film adaptations over their written counterpart, the book.

+ I will never be satisfied with the amount or selection of clothing in my closet.