DIY: “I Pine For You, Valentine” Printable


|Image via southernatlas on Instagram|

I grew up in a place called “The Pines,” which earned it’s name from (you guessed it) having copious amounts of pine trees. When I bought this Conifer Stamp Set from Yellow Owl Workshop, I knew it’d come in handy for Valentine’s Day.

Below you’ll find a how to for creating your own valentines like the one shown above. Don’t worry if every card isn’t perfect- that’s the fun in creating homemade products.



Pine needles stamp

Gold ink pad

Notecards or cardstock


1. Print out the attached PDF. Once it’s printed, hold it up to a lightsource and trace the outline of your notecards, making sure the text is centered.

2. Trace around the notecard while it’s centered so that you’ll know where to tape your notecard for printing. Repeat this for both the top and the bottom.

3. Using that sheet of paper, tape your two notecards in the outline using washi tape or painter’s tape.

4. Put the paper into your printer’s paper tray in the correct way so that the printer will print onto your cards. Repeat this for the amount of cards you need. It’s tedious but goes by quickly.

5. Once all your cards are printed, dip your pine needles stamp into a gold ink pad and stamp directly onto your cards. I did several designs, which you can see below. If you don’t feel like buying the whole set, you can totally use this method to create your own stamp.


6. Pass out all your valentines and watch people fawn over them.


-If you’re not into figuring out the whole printing on cards thing, you can always print directly onto card stock and cut them to the desired size after printing. 

– I printed mine on white notecards but I also think printing on cream or gray would look dreamy.