Eating | Wearing | Reading, 4.17


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Eating avocados on everything. 


Wearing these ankle booties in an effort to up my “edginess” factor. 


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Reading Drop Dead Healthy by A.J. Jacobs. He makes me LOL like nobody’s business. Once, he tweeted at me and I lost all control of myself! You can read an excerpt of his book here


Vinnie Louise

Vinnie Louise Favorites

My favorites from Vinnie Louise


I’m so excited about the new shop opening today by my friend and lady crush, Ginny! She’s wonderfully adventurous and her latest adventure is Vinnie Louise. Her style is like nothing I’ve seen before, in the best way. If you haven’t checked out Vinnie Louise yet, pop over there now and check out the shop before it all sells out.

My favorites are the Aztec Cardigan (which sold out while I was typing this, booo!), the Pyrite & Bar necklace and the Mindy Dress. Every piece in the shop is handpicked by Ginny and is less than $52. Pretty incredible, if you ask me!

Congrats, Ginny! Vinnie Louise is perfect.

Overalls, 4 Years Later

Almost 4 years ago to the day, I wrote this post in the hopes that someday overalls would come back in style. Thank goodness my dreams finally came true! I’m thrilled to see overalls all around the blogosphere. The pair in the photo below I bought at Anthropologie last fall and then returned when I thought they made me look too much like a farmer’s daughter…which I am, by the way. When I saw this photo on The Refined Woman, I slapped my forehead Homer Simpson-style. Why did I ever return those?! 



Just in case you’re in the market for a pair of overalls, Madewell and Free People have some great options.

Image via The Refined Woman

Cheap Thrill: d’Orsay Flat from Madewell

It’s no secret that I love shoes, especially when they’re from Madewell. They’re well-made and usually very comfortable. In fact, so comfortable that last year, I bought five pairs of their signature Sidewalk Skimmer (in nude, black, red, purple, and silver sparkles). This year, Madewell introduced a new flat with A LOT of attitude and foot cleavage. Helllloooo, arch.



The d’Orsay Flat in Leather, $108 at Madewell



Sam& Libby Heidi Two-Piece Flats, $27.99 at Target (Hint: You’ll need to size down in these!)

I’m also digging these guys from Target. So many good options right now!

$5 Gift Idea: Tattly Temporary Tattoos

$5 Gift Idea: Tattly Temporary Tattoos

I’ve been debating getting a tattoo for, like, ten years but can’t seem to commit. Luckily Tattly‘s got my back with edgy little temporary tattoos. They’re only $5 (including shipping) for a pair of tattoos that last at least 5 days. Pretty good deal, eh?

And how fun would it be to mail these to your friends who live far away?

Paper Planes | Makers Gonna Make | Cartolina Blooms

Zooey Deschanel + Tommy Hilfiger Collaboration


|Image via HauteTalk|

Ladies, rejoice! For Zooey Deschanel has broken into design with a collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. The line, called To Tommy, From Zooey, is set to hit Macy’s in April with pieces ranging from $99 to $199. From the few photos and sketches that have been released, we can count on this collection to be vintage-inspired in Hilfiger’s classic color combo of red, white and blue.


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Rifle Paper + Garance Doré


Image via Anna Bond | Instagram

Could there be anything better than this collaboration in stores this spring? Garance is a pro at photographing people with style, not just people who wear fashion. Anna Bond makes the loveliest products out of the most simple designs.  A friend’s husband described her style as “grandmotherly but more refined.” I couldn’t agree more.